Certified Masonry Concrete Block Supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh

Abyss Engineering & Constructions Pvt. Ltd, a licensed and trusted concrete manufacturing plant is well-established as a reputable concrete block supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh. We aim to deliver industry standard masonry blocks to cope with the growing demand for quality concrete products. Our concrete manufacturing plant has a good reputation of using quality raw materials in manufacturing concrete products, monitoring of materials, strict in-house control on production process and well-finished, tested products. Our top quality concrete block is primarily utilized as building material in the construction of walls – which are sometimes called as a Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU). This is why we are renowned as the reliable CMU block supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh.

Manufactured from high quality cement, stone chips, stone dust, sand and additives, our concrete blocks have more tensile strength so that the walls constructed from these blocks act as thermal insulators. Due to the exceptional design and construction, the masonry blocks are much easier to place and also ensure minimal foundation cost and cement consumption. Being a concrete block supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh, we assure you of delivering good quality concrete blocks ensuring uniform quality, quick construction, lower labor involvement and longer durability. Therefore, many clients rely on Abyss Engineering & Constructions Pvt. Ltd – the CMU block supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh for any kind of construction activities.

What are The Benefits of Using Our Concrete Masonry Units and Blocks -?

Abysscorp Masonry / Concrete blocks are used as building construction providing excellent insulation, being highly heat and fire resistant. Abysscorp manufactures blocks in various sizes and shapes to enable clients / consultants to offer endless design options to the customers.

Below mentioned highlight of Abysscorp Masonry Blocks:
  • Good resistance to fire
  • Cost saving over traditional bricks in means of material / wastage / quality / productivity / smooth finish
  • Fast Application
  • Rapid Drying
  • Superior Finish (thin layer of one coat of Plaster is Adequate)
  • Zero Breakage
  • Straight Edges & Corners
  • The outer layer of the blocks do not permit the external heat / Cold or rain to penetrate into rooms or externally
  • Due to compressed concrete- durable, strong & Economical
  • The air in hollow of the blocks, does not allow outside heat or cold in the house. So it keeps house cool in summer and warm in winter and work as thermal and sound insulation

Industry-standard Masonry Blocks for Construction

Abysscorp Masonry Block Strictly follows authorities manufacturing procedures as per Indian Standards as follows:

S. No.

Standard Reference

Complying Specification Details


IS : 8112

Specification for Ordinary Portland Cement grade 43


IS : 383

Specification for coarse and fine aggregate from

natural source for concrete


IS : 456

Code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete


IS : 2185

Specification for concrete masonry units (hollow & solid concrete blocks)


IS : 9103

Specification for admixtures for concrete blocks


To know more about concrete blocks manufactured at Abyss Engineering & Constructions Pvt. Ltd – the well-known masonry block supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh, please stay in touch at +91 9368178387 or contact online!