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Premier Building Block Supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh

Abyss Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of building blocks in Uttar Pradesh. Founded in 2014. As a well-established construction company and as a reliable building block supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh, we believe in elite construction and delivering quality products which can thrive the construction industry. From the inception, we have been providing an industry-standard product that’s why we achieve so many milestones. We are a registered company as per the Ministry of Corporate Affair, Government Of India.

As a certified manufacturer and supplier of building blocks in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh, we produce and construct quality products meeting the requirements of Indian Standard.

Top-notch Quality & Cutting-edge Concrete Building Blocks

Abyss Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd is one of the most quickly growing companies committed to manufacture and supply building products like concrete blocks, masonry concrete blocks, interlock pavers and kerbstones for the construction of residential, luxury, commercial and high-rise buildings. We are well-known as the best building block supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh with successful project execution records over the years. We utilize latest, cutting-edge construction methodology, focusing on all contractual and legal requirements, construction constraints, opportunities and risks. Our professional technicians are dedicated to deliver temporary and permanent works and services to execute the construction with desired shapes and colors.

Abyss Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd is a reputed pavers and block supplier in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Our interlock pavers and kerbstones are used in heavy traffic areas like open areas, walkways, parking areas, external or internal roads with unique colors and shapes. Being a concrete block supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh, we provide masonry and concrete blocks for construction of buildings ensuring a great sense of insulation, highly heat and fire resistant. Our concrete blocks are available in different shapes and sizes helping consultants and clients to choose from endless options for their needs. For every kind of concrete blocks, you just rely on our construction company in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh and be sure of receiving affordable building products without any compromise on quality.

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Abyss Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd is a building block supplier in Aligarh Uttar Pradesh dedicated to ensuring excellence in manufacturing and supplying best quality concrete blocks to clients. Our main objective is to provide highest level of quality integrity and extreme professionalism in each and every aspect – from the selection and organization of products to delivering well-constructed products for buildings.

For immediate help regarding the selection and design of concrete products, feel free to contact us online or call us at +91 9368 17 8387



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Abysscorp is equipped with experienced professional management, as well as technological capabilities that enable us to serve our clients to the highest level of satisfaction and interact with our suppliers through channel of networks to ensure that the market meet the best quality products and services they require.


Manufacturing & supply of different sizes of Concrete Masonry Block used for construction.

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Manufacturing & supply of Different types of Interlock Pavers & kerbstones

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Construction of Residential / Luxury / Commercial / High rise Buildings

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  • Dinesh Kumar

    I am pleased to inform you that your service has been excellent from the day we started sharing business relationship with you. Quality of products supplied by you is always above our expectation. The delivery of the products were always on time in whatsoever conditions. We expect the same healthy business relation in future. Thank you!

  • Susant Srichandan

    Very co-operative and timely delivery quality material.

  • Jitendra Singh

    Excellent Supplier, Prompt Delivery, Quality Material, highly recommended supplier.

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Affordable project cost.

Abysscorp management put quality and customer satisfaction its first priority. The company has most advanced testing & quality control facility and quality assurance technologies.

Highly skilled, experienced, well- trained Team.

Abysscorp capable to in line match prior to target, deliver successfully with client satisfaction.

Responsive customer care service

one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the concrete masonry blocks as per green building requirements serving the construction industry with our quality product and services.

Responsive customer care service

Our highly experienced, dedicated team and modern machinery for production process and fleet of trailers ensure high quality products and faster services to our valued customers on right time.